Inhalation Sedation Course – The RA Coach

Richard Charon is a GDP with over 30 years experience with Inhalation Sedation and has been accepted onto the mentor’s lists for SAAD and DSTG. He runs very popular hands-on relative analgesia courses in the UK, in small groups. One-to-one mentorship to competency certification can also be arranged – please contact Richard for details.


1 day

Course Dates

Fully booked: Saturday 1st Dec 2012
Next available course: Saturday 21th March 2013 in Stratford-on-Avon


Course fees in 2012 are £452 per GDP, Therapist & Hygienist / £208 per RDN. Fees include restaurant lunch and refreshments. Help with locating a suitable hotel if required will be provided.

Group Size

8 to 16 max.

Number of CPD Hours

7.5 Hours vCPD certificates available.

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