Sedation Training Course (Mellow Dental)

Taught by Roy Bennett, this course in conscious sedation is both suitable as an introduction for your dental team and also as a refresher for practitioners wishing to remain up to date with current techniques and contemporary teaching.

What you will learn

The training provides theoretical and practical instruction in all aspects relating to the current use of conscious sedation techniques. Courses in dental sedation aim to provide practitioners with a thorough understanding of pain management, a practical insight into the procedure and theoretical knowledge and understanding of anxiety, fear and extreme dental phobia. Our courses offer a combination of practical experience and academic learning, so that you will develop necessary practical skills whilst learning about the scientific theories that underpin the practical procedures. The course is designed for practitioners who wish to commence the administration of sedation techniques and also as an update for those who wish to maintain current professional standards. Topics include: Treatment planning, patient assessment and patient selection; Aspects of anxiety and pain control; Behavioural management; Appropriate use of drugs and procedure safety; Organisation of the dental team and team work; Psychological and physiological monitoring of the sedated patient; Discharge procedure; Equipment revision; Visual sedation procedure; Scenario training.


1 day




Northwest England

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