Yorkshire Sedation Training (IV Sedation Course)

This course, which is taught by Adam Glassford and Geoff Baggaley, has been developed with guidance from the defence organisations to ensure that all the necessary aspects of sedation are covered, ensuring legal and safe practice and compliance with GDC guidelines for sedation training.


1 day

Course Dates and Location

Generally, courses are run every 2 months.
Next available courses:
17th November 2012
19th January 2013
Ilkley, West Yorkshire

What you will learn

Course contents for IV Sedation covers: Theory; GDC Guidelines; Dentist & nurse role in sedation; Pharmacology of sedative drugs (in depth); Patient assessment; Consent for sedation; Sedating a patient IV technique; Patient monitoring; Note taking; Medical issues affecting sedation; Medical emergencies. Practical sessions will enable participants to carry out: Patient assessment; Equipment checks; Cannulation; Patient monitoring; Medical emergency role play.


£395 per GDP
£195 per accompanying nurse

In-house training for your whole dental team (dentists and nurses) also available: full day training in your practice £2200 (this includes travel up to 3 hours away).

Number of CPD Hours

6 Hours vCPD

More information and course details:


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