Milestone Scientific Wand/STA videos

STA system overview:


Inferior Alveolar:

Buccal Infiltration:



Anesthetic Pathway Technique:

PDL Injection: A visit to the dentist

This video, which shows a young woman with learning difficulties visiting the dentist, contains some good examples of the tell-show-do technique.

Malamed’s Local Anesthesia Administration

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03 – Drugs: Pharmacology of vasoconstrictors

04 – Drugs: Clinical Actions of Specific Agents

05 – The Armamentarium

06 – Physical and Psychological Evaluation

07 – Basic Injection Technique

09 – Maxillary Injection Techniques

10 – Mandibular Injection Techniques

11 – Supplemental Injection Techniques

14 – Complications Systemic


ISDAM is a new society for dental and mental health professionals who are interested in helping people overcome dental fears. It will include access to a members-only discussion and support forum, a newsletter, and live and online training courses.

Dental Fear Central

Dental Fear Central is the Dental Anxiety Network's sister website for people who experience dental phobia or specific dental fears.